Clean And Efficient Acura Engine Performance

Since its launch in 1986, Acura has been committed to bold innovation, precision manufacturing, and exhilarating automotive performance. To sustain these thrusts, Acura sets its own standards in automotive design and engineering, especially in its production of auto parts. For instance, the carmaker sees that good engine performance goes hand in hand with clean and efficient fuel combustion. With this in mind, the researchers and engineers make sure that every component, such as the Acura Fuel Pressure Regulator, is carefully crafted to comply with emission standards.

How does the Acura Fuel Pressure Regulator contribute to cleaner air and more efficient fuel consumption? Located along the fuel rail, the Regulator serves as a vital component of an Acura engine's control unit. It is a cylindrical metal object connected to the rail situated around the engine, and mounted on the firewall. The fuel rail, meanwhile, is the pipe that brings fuel to all the injectors and the cold start valve.

Normally, an Acura Fuel Pressure Regulator maintains a constant pressure in the fuel system. Regulation is achieved when the spring-loaded, diaphragm-like valve opens a fuel line, which re-routes excess fuel to the fuel tank. The valve, though, can only uncover a fuel line when excessive pressure is applied. A component that helps the fuel pressure regulator is the vacuum. Connected to the regulator, the vacuum reduces emissions during deceleration. It also opens the fuel return valve wider and supports the fuel pressure regulator once the latter starts to tear. The vacuum provides an automatic self-adjusting pressure regulator and emissions control.

No doubt, clean engine performance is highly dependent on precisely designed auto parts. Such is the case with Acura's roster of luxury sedans and SUVs. With the inclusion of key engine components like the Acura Fuel Pressure Regulator in the automotive system, the Japanese-bred luxury carmaker has been able to comply with even the most stringent emission and fuel efficiency regulations in US and other countries where Acuras are produced. The result is a lineup of luxurious, powerful, and environment-friendly vehicles.

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